Idea Plotting at its core means taking action on your dreams.

Get the ideas out of your head and test them in the real world.

Learn from the experience of idea application.

Finally, take the experience of an idea acted upon to refine the original idea and iterate forward or level up to imaginations not yet fathomed until action and feedback are set in motion.

Excellence shall be the endgame but Idea Plotting–by nature–is about the path to excellence, the process, the work, a means to a quality end point.

The endgame, as we imagine it, is to be a relentless proactive positive force in the world providing vetted information to help those on the path seeking to have a positive impact on the social, natural and political world.

Actively engaging in the habits that will lead to transformational insights.

Idea Plotting relishes the pursuit, and celebrates the now achievable.

An ethic of playful execution of not yet known possibilites.

It’s the questions that drive us and the dreams that move us.

A do-aucracy. Start today.

Idea Plotting launched with little fanfare in the fall of 2016.

Slowly we have been adding content as we discover our interests and encounter feedback from readers.

The foundation of our first articles focused on crowdfunding because it is a trend we have been following and one many of our writers have been involved in via actively launching their own campaigns on platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Idea Plotting will not be limited to only covering topics of crowdfunding. We started there because that is our current passion and what we know best.

Going forward, it is a natural progression to go from crowdfunding to stand alone ecommerce, on platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and others.

Not to mention Fulfillment by Amazon, one of the easiest ways to continue to build a business after a crowdfunding campaign has been successful.

Our Audience

Our blog is currently focused on crowdfunding and the services surrounding having success with crowdfunding.

Readers are generally looking to improve their knowledge, solve a specific issue, or looking for how others have done it. We pride ourselves on content that is practical, backed with details (charts, screenshots and other companies doing X) and uses simple, conversational language.

Checklist for Content Value:

    1. Useful? Does it have utility?
      Tip: Write to solve an issue or pain point for a single, specific person.
    2. New idea? Is it a new spin on an old idea or a brand new idea altogether?
    3. Valuable? Will a reader get value from it?
    4. Actionable? Are there action steps a reader can take?
    5. Shareable? Is there an incentive for readers to share it?
    6. Eye catching? Does the headline make you want to read it?
    7. Flow? Does the content flow and read well?
    8. Entertaining? A few chuckles is a bonus.

Long and detailed content generally goes best with our audience:

Do you think you have what it takes to write for Idea Plotting, then send us your pitch here.

When your pitch hits the mark, we will follow up with further details on style and formatting.

We do not have the bandwidth to respond to all queries.

Before pitching our editors, ensure that you have read the above and are familiar with articles on our site.

Templated and unthoughtful pitches that show no understanding of Idea Plotting’s readership and content will be deleted or marked as spam–please don’t your waste your time or ours.