Must-Discover Bitcoin APIs Developers Ought to Have in Their Arsenal

If you are a developer who wants to build a brand as a recognizable leader in their space, you cannot overlook the potential of Bitcoin.

An ever-increasing number of products and services are being built upon blockchain technology (distributed DNS for censorship resistant web 3.0 for example), and requests for cryptocurrency-enabled applications are going to continue to grow.

Savvy developers who incorporate Bitcoin APIs into the software they create can build a reputation as a knowledgeable programmer with extensive experience in the cryptocurrency space. 

If you are interested in building with blockchain technology, following are a few APIs you should have in your programmer's bag-of-tricks:

Kaiko Bitcoin Blockchain

Available via token, the Kaiko Bitcoin Blockchain API lets developers access blockchain data including addresses and transactions. 

Integrate unspent monitoring data, and address balances into your software via this cryptocurrency API. 

Data is available in REST, JSON, and HTTP formats.

Find out more about Kaiko here.

Bitcoin Chain

Bitcoin Chain offers its own API, allowing developers easy access to Bitcoin Chain's databases. 

Incorporate both market and blockchain data into your applications. 

If you want real-time Bitcoin statistics for the applications you are building, this is the API you want in your arsenal.

Bitbond API

Bitbond connects Bitcoin borrowers and lenders. 

The API lets developers tap into their peer-to-peer cryptocurrency lending platform. 

Developers can use this API to integrate loan data into their software builds. Data is rendered in JSON format.


For developers interested in increasing their usage of Bitcoin APIs, exploring the potential of Ethereum APIs is also a must. 

EtherScan offers a number of Ethereum APIs programmers can consider integrating into software builds. 

Whether you need a transaction hash API or you want balances for multiple accounts, EtherScan has you covered. Choose from websocket, token, or GETH proxy APIs. 

Wrapping Up

These are just a few of the many cryptocurrency APIs available to developers.

The more diverse your API resource list is, the better your software creations will be.

Will you be investigating any of the above-listed APIs for your clients?

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