8 Awesome (And Free!) Crowdfunding Promotion Strategies

Not sure how to promote your crowdfunding campaign? Are you out of ideas to run a successful Kickstarter campaign and get more people aware of it?

Successful crowdfunding promotion can cost you thousands of dollars if you don’t know where to start. You could end up with expenses so high that it’ll defeat the purpose of a crowdfunding campaign.

Fortunately, there are great ways to promote your campaign for low costs, sometimes for free. To help you get started, here are 8 awesome crowdfunding advertising strategies you can do right now:

Use the Right Social Media Platform

One important of about crowdfunding promotion is using the right social media platform. Sometimes, Facebook might not be the appropriate platform. You may discover that the crowd you’re targeting spends more time on LinkedIn or Twitter than they do other platforms.

Facebook itself has over 2 billion monthly users but Instagram has 800 million, an achievement you shouldn’t scoff at. Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and SnapChat all have their own niche audiences too.

Instagram and Pinterest, for example, are great platforms if your crowdfunding campaign has a lot of visuals to rely on. LinkedIn is preferable for B2B campaigns and Google Plus, while not that popular, is important for SEO purposes.

Boost Crowdfunding Promotion with a Good Hashtag

Hashtags are among the essential tools to a successful and free crowdfunding promotion. They’ve made their way past Instagram and Twitter, now becoming important on other platforms such as Pinterest and YouTube.

These hashtags help SEO crawlers find and index your advertisements and social media posts. Crawlers will index each time someone uses the hashtag, raising its relevance.

Hashtags also work towards successful viral marketing.

People will share posts more often if they can relate to the hashtag. This is why catchy, trending hashtags are a priority nowadays. With more exposure from the constant shares, you can expect more people to donate.

Use User-Generated Content to Your Advantage

Even the greatest, most professional-looking promotional materials don’t click with everyone. The good news is that almost everyone feels a special connection when it comes to things made by ordinary folks. This is why user-generated content is one of your most powerful assets for crowdfunding promotion.

Want more people to become aware of your campaign? Post a simple video, caption it with a catchy hashtag, then ask people to do something similar and use the same hashtag. People all over Facebook will make their own content, sharing their videos and making your message and hashtag more popular than before.

Let the people market the crowdfunding campaign for you.

Submit a Press Release

Not every publication online is going to feature a story about your crowdfunding campaign. That said, some sites do focus on this kind of content. You can look at websites such as BuzzFeed since they tend to run with this type of content.

There are also sites that let you submit press releases for free. Companies like BuzzFeed and others will look into the press releases there and then pick which ones they want to do an article for.

If you don’t have a high budget to market your crowdfunding campaign, this is one good option to rely on. People on social media tend to share stories found on sites like BuzzFeed, guaranteeing you’ll not only reach out to the site’s readers but to people on Facebook as well.

Master the Powers of YouTube

Never forget the power of Kickstarter videos have on their campaign.

Did you know that video content accounts for 74% of all internet traffic? People share YouTube videos on Facebook and comment on videos more than they do text-based content. This makes YouTube one of the best places to post fundraisers and marketing content.

YouTube isn’t the only resource. Facebook continues to grow with the implementation of live videos and conference videos. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter altered their algorithms to allow people to post longer, more substantial videos.

Don’t Forget Reddit

Keep in mind that most people who go to Reddit are there to ask specific, niche questions or discuss something with people who already know about the topic. If you want to reach a specific audience, this is the best crowdfunding forums to visit.

The greatest aspect of Reddit is that you can narrow down your search through the forums to find the audience who show interest in whatever it is you’re hoping to raise funds for. There you can post an advertisement to the crowdfunding campaign, links to the campaign page, or launch a Q&A or AMA thread to get discussions going.

Connect with Influencers

Influencers are people on social media who are experts on a particular subject. They can be celebrities but most are ordinary people who specialize in posting about one topic. They have thousands of followers, meaning if they advertise your campaign, it’ll get massive exposure.

Look for an influencer who focuses on the same niche topic your campaign caters to.

Launching a crowdfunding campaign to make a video game? Make sure you reach out to influencers who discuss video games or review them. If your campaign is to raise funds to finance a new restaurant, make sure to reach out to influencers who focus on local businesses and the food industry.

Promote Offline Too

Don’t forget to promote your crowdfunding campaign offline too. You can cut down costs by focusing on selling merchandise that is helpful for everyday use. Sell calendars, roll-up banners, pens, and ID straps that promote your campaign.

People can use these items but they will also see the URL or name of the crowdfunding campaign on a regular basis. If they didn’t donate or share the campaign on the first day, they might on the next after seeing the reminder on the merchandise they bought.

Discover More Crowdfunding Advertising Strategies Today!

Finding success with crowdfunding promotion is no easy ordeal but these ideas above can at least help you achieve more exposure and cut costs.

But don’t stop there! There are many other important aspects of a successful campaign.

If you need further help or if you want to check if you’re running your campaign right, don’t hesitate to visit and contact us today. We guarantee to help you find success.

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