7 Kickstarter Promotion Trends to Raise Money

To date, more than $3 billion has been pledged to Kickstarter campaigns.

Much of this money has already been distributed to successful campaigns, allowing their owners to take their projects from mere ideas to real products, events, or shows.

But some of the money is still in limbo, waiting to see whether the Kickstarter projects that it’s been pledged to will be successful. If they aren’t, the money will be returned to the investor.

If you’re thinking about launching your own crowdfunding campaign, there are a few things that you need to know if you want to raise enough money to reach your goal.

Keep reading to learn 7 essential trends that you need to launch your Kickstarter promotion to success.

1. Invest in Yourself

If you want to give your Kickstarter project the best chance at success, you need to do more than encourage others to invest.

Investing your own money and capital into your project before you launch your Kickstarter promotion will help to get your project off the ground. It’ll give you funding that you can use to open an office space, start an advertising campaign, and more.

If you have design experience, then you may be able to create your own mock-up of the product that you’re planning to promote.

But if you don’t, you’ll need to pay a designer to create one for you.

2. Fill a Need or Offer a Solution

Kickstarter projects that are simply recreations of products that already exist are doomed to fail from the start.

The best crowdfunding ideas are those that create something entirely unique.

To help inspire your next project, think about a need that you’ve noticed in the industries that you’re interested in, or offer a solution for a common problem.

While you want to choose an idea that fills a current hole, avoid picking a product that is too far out there. Otherwise, you may fail to find an audience for it.

Instead, consider letting the latest trends guide you in creating your big idea. Choose a more recent trend that is on the rise, rather than one that has run its course already.

3. Start with an Awesome Campaign

Another successful Kickstarter promotion trend is to develop an awesome campaign.

The Kickstarter website only gives you a small space for promoting your big idea. You get room for photos and text and must utilize both to try to convince investors that the product, service, performance, or other item is worth their time and money.

Start by choosing your featured photo.

This should be eye-catching, as it along with the title of your campaign, will be what cause visitors to the Kickstarter page to click on your campaign to learn more.

If the item that you’re launching a Kickstarter promotion for is a product, use this space to showcase it. You could have a prototype created and take stunning photos of your product in action.

Or, have an image professionally designed to showcase your big idea.

Next, add a catchy title.

This should not only let potential investors know what you’re promoting but also why they should invest. You could hint at why this product is special, let readers know how trendy it is, or any other number of tactics.

When choosing your title, run it by as many people as possible, and ask them whether it would catch their eye.

Finally, you’ll need to fill in the rest of your campaign. Use pictures, videos, and text to demonstrate why there is a need for your product, describe how it’s used, what sets it apart, and any other relevant details.

4. Set Realistic Goals

One trend that’s essential to follow if you want your campaign to be successful is to remain realistic.

This means setting a fundraising goal that is attainable. After all, if you don’t reach your goal, you won’t receive any of the money that has been pledged to you.

Only around 35 percent of all Kickstarter projects that are launched get funded.

To help ensure that your project is one of the successful ones, only ask for the amount that you need. This total should be calculated after you determine how much of your own funding you can provide.

Additionally, consider whether you can ask for less money, and then use that money to initially create your product. Then, you could begin selling your product to fund additional money to continue your project.

5. Appeal to Emotions

Another successful trend that many Kickstarter projects utilize is an appeal to investors’ emotions.

Use your product as a way to inspire nostalgia. Let potential investors know if this has been a lifelong dream of yours, or if your project honors or was inspired by someone in your life.

Describe in detail how your product solves a serious problem in the world.

You may have to get creative with this tip. But drawing on the emotions of potential investors can help give them the push they need to believe in your project.

6. Give an Incentive

A popular trend that many Kickstarter projects utilize to help them earn more money is to offer an incentive to investors.

This incentive is usually the product itself, tickets to the show that the Kickstarter will help fund, or an invitation to a special event held just for investors.

Don’t think of this as a free giveaway.

You can set a minimum amount that must be donated to your campaign before an investor will receive one of your products or invites. That way you are funding their gift as well as receiving money for your project.

7. Offer Several Options

Whether you’re offering an incentive or just asking for donations, offering different levels for investors to choose from could help you earn more money.

Many successful Kickstarter campaigns feature several donation options. As the amount increases, so do the incentives that the funder will receive.

When investors are given several options, they may be tempted to donate more to your cause in order to receive the next level of incentives.

Launch a Successful Kickstarter Promotion Today

Now that you know a few trends for jumpstarting your Kickstarter promotion, it’s time to launch your own campaign.

If you still feel as though you need some help, check out this article. It’ll walk you through the steps involved in using a Kickstarter campaign to grow your startup from an idea to a reality!

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