The Secrets Behind Successful Patreon Crowdfunding

Are you considering starting a crowdfunding campaign for your creative project?

Or, are you already using Patreon crowdfunding and want to make your campaign a success?

Patreon, launched in 2013, is a crowdfunding website that can help. It gives users the business tools they need to provide subscription-based content for artists and creative types. This way, they can build networks of people to support their projects.

Supporters subscribe to creator’s projects and become “patrons”.  Since its launch it has become one of the most popular crowdfunding solutions.

The goal of Patreon is to “help every creator in the world achieve sustainable income”. Patreon is particularly popular with artists and creators, such as Youtubers and podcasters.

Patreon is different to many of the other crowdfunding platforms, such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. In contrast to alternative crowdfunding websites, Patreon works by asking people to give donations on monthly or per-project basis.

Launching a Patreon page is not simple. But there are many useful strategies to know about. If you want to get support for your project on Patreon, then here are the secrets for a successful campaign.

Film an Awesome Video

First impressions are everything. Including a video on your page is your moment to convince the viewer to become a patron.

Your Patreon video shouldn’t be any more than two or three minutes long. Internet users don’t pay attention for very long. So, you have to make the most of the short time that you do have.

That means quality over quantity. Don’t worry if you struggle to get all the information into your video. It’s much better to have a concise and effective pitch that excludes some minor details than a much longer one.

People want to be able to visualize your idea. Even if you haven’t made much progress with your project, make it as tangible as possible. That means making it clear what your project is, rather than a vague pitch and your aspirations.

You need to win people’s hearts and minds. That means connecting with your viewers emotionally as well as rationally. Your patrons have to love your idea in order to pledge.

Many viewers may be new to Patreon. So, it’s a good idea to explain how it works. Don’t assume people know how they can support you. It’s important that you make it clear for them.

Remember, crowdfunding on Patreon is about more than financial support. Your followers want to be part of the creative process. So don’t beg them for money.

Set Realistic Goals

Another difference between Kickstarter and Patreon is that the former only lets you set a single funding goal per project. The latter allows you to set smaller, incremental funding targets.

Start with a goal which is easy to reach and will provide you with enough money to get started on your project.

By setting incremental goals, your followers have something to look forward to and can follow your project as it evolves. After you’ve reached your first goal, you can then set a new, more ambitious goal.

It’s a reason for them to continue sharing your Patreon page with their friends on Facebook and other social media sites.

Finally, creators that have more than one goal are more successful than those with only one. Goals keep your patrons motivated, especially in the early stages of your project.

However, don’t go wild. Remember, three goals is plenty, twenty is too many.

Make your Rewards Worthwhile

The most popular pledges on Patreon Crowdfunding are between one to five dollars. Your followers don’t have to make a one-time pledge. They can make many over a period of time.

Your supporters are vital to the continued success of your project, so show them your appreciation with extra rewards.

You can offer a range of rewards at different prices. For instance,

  • $2 – get access to to exclusive patron-only posts and ad-free content
  • $10 – pictures, stickers and webinars with the creators
  • $20 -customized content, one-on-one Google hangout and future project works

The possibilities are endless. Great rewards don’t only keep your current supporters on board. They can also get you new supporters and help broaden your community.

Think carefully about setting the right rewards at the right prices. You need to excite your followers.

However, be careful when you’re setting the rewards. While a one-on-one Google hangout with your most loyal and committed supporters may sound like a great idea at first, it can distract you from your project work

Make Your Description Count

One of the first tasks of setting up a Patreon page is to write a brief, yet concise, description of your project. Many people will do this without much thought, but it is an important step.

First of all, keep your description brief and to the point.

This means it should be no longer than two paragraphs. The description should not go into detail about the creative work but is simply an advert for your project.

Secondly, consider the SEO (search engine optimization) of your work.

If you are having doubts about the effectiveness of your description, ask yourself:

  1. Is it clear and easy to understand?
  2. Do you connect with the imagination and emotions of the reader?
  3. Do you have a call to action?
  4. Have you considered your target audience?

Everything on your Patreon Crowdfunding page will count when it comes to visitors deciding whether to support.

Final Thoughts on Patreon Crowdfunding

Patreon Crowdfunding helps you to live your dream, being paid for doing what you love.

However, you can’t just set up a page and wait for the pledges to come. You have to work to promote yourself and your work.

You can learn from other creators and users of Patreon Crowdfunding and apply what you learn to your campaign. The most successful campaigns have fun while they’re doing it.

If you enjoyed this blog, then maybe you’d like to find out more about Patreon. If you have any questions or comments, get in touch with us.

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