Crowdfunding for Business Growth – Intriguing Financing Tools Business Owners Need to Discover

Do you have a small business or commercial venture but need additional funding to take your business enterprise to the next level?

Have you considered approaching your local banker but fear your company is too risky for a traditional loan?

It might be time to investigate crowdfunding as an option for your venture.

There are a huge number of crowdfunding tools at your disposal. While options like GoFundMe are household names, others are less well-known.

Peruse the following collection of crowdfunding platforms to see which ones might be able to help you raise funds for your business:

Bnk to the Future

Bank to the Future

Bnk to the Future lets entrepreneurs pitch their business idea to investors.

Entrepreneurs set a minimum amount they want to raise, and as long as they meet their minimum projection, the funds are theirs to keep. Successful campaigns can continue to raise extra funding in exchange for additional company equity.


formerly buzzbnk

When you are building a social good enterprise, you might want to consider raising funding via Fundit.Buzz. [closed December 2017, site is still live, kept in article for historical purposes]

Their platform matches social good enterprises with investors who want to back entrepreneurs with a conscience.

From community-focused businesses to education and human rights companies, all can use crowdfunding to build their companies via Fundit.Buzz (formerly Buzzbnk).


crowd fund with BloomVC

Don’t let the name fool you. The VC in their name stands for venture catalyst, not venture capital.

BloomVC connects donors with projects in need of funding.

Campaign types range from music, film, or art projects all the way to publishing, technology, and education projects.


Preorder Creative Maker Platform: Born

Born offers a crowdfunding platform for limited edition or labour-intensive projects.

Campaign categories include art, design, technology, and publishing.

Entrepreneurs and artists can raise funding for their project while building brand awareness at the same time.


Crowdfunding Organization Fulfillment Backerkit

If you need assistance developing your crowdfunding campaign, BackerKit is a must-discover tool.

Their platform lets you do everything from creating add-on treats for your financial backers to shipping product once your campaign goals are met.

The above-listed resources are just some options if you are considering crowdfunding for your venture.

If friends and family are not an option for raising funding for your entrepreneurial idea, attempting to raise capital from the crowd might be a viable option.

Crowdfunding platforms have a wide variety of rules, fees, and regulations, so be sure to investigate each option thoroughly.

Are any of these tools appropriate for your business’ financial needs?

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